Student Services

At KICS, we believe that all students are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and it is our responsibility to support them and spur them on to exceed their potential. Our student services team is here to help students do just that. 

Our student services team works together to support the whole child.  We are here to assist students on their journey of learning by partnering with teachers, families, and the community to provide the needed resources and support that will allow students to grow in every way.

We support students in the following areas:

    ◦ Learning challenges and gaps

    ◦ Learning the English language

    ◦ Social/emotional needs 

    ◦ College and career guidance counseling

    ◦ Love of literacy

Dickson Karushokye

Learning Support Teacher

Vicki Leatherwood

Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Darlene Ninziza

Secondary Social Emotional Learning Coordinator


Elizabeth Thornburg

Learning Support Teacher


Sonia Sungyoun Park

College and Career Counselor

Lillian Nikoi

English Language Learning Teacher

Cecile Pienaar

Learning Support Coordinator