Our School's Future

“When we arrived in 2014 what we found at KICS was an incredible vision, with really great people. What we also found was a facility that could not contain that vision. No matter how hard we tried, no matter what adjustments we made to live out our vision, we knew that to accomplish this a new campus, a new home, was necessary.” Dr Ben Thomas – KICS Director   

A KICS education establishes and prepares young people to transform their community, their country, and the world. For more of this transformational impact, KICS needs a campus that is equipped to serve this vision. With the faithful provision of the land, an incredible 8.8-hectare site, we are now working with a design team to make plans for KICS new home. This new campus will enable KICS to take this education, these opportunities,  and this impact to make it available to more people. Every child has the capacity for extraordinary achievement.

How can you help? 

First, we want to invite you to be praying with us that God would lead and guide us as we move forward with this incredible project. 

Second, we are asking you to introduce us to 3-5 people, so that we can share the vision of our school and the incredible story of what God is doing here in Kigali.

Third, would you consider making a financial gift? Click on the link below for more info. 


Whether it is a gift that covers an entire center of excellence (Learning Support, ICT, Science, Performing Arts, Global Leadership), a complete building, a whole classroom, or furniture for your daughter or son’s classroom; your contribution is greatly appreciated.  

You can donate via the link below, and click on “Our School – KICS’ Giving” is made through the B2Theworld website, a non-profit partner of KICS that seeks to bring restoration to education across the world. By selecting “Our School – KICS’ Giving” on the drop-down menu, you can ensure that your donation goes directly to the KICS new home.