Board of Trustees

The KICS board is comprised of men and women of Christian character, who are moral stakeholders of the school. They are tasked with the governance oversight of KICS. The KICS Board is responsible for ensuring the vision, mission and values of KICS are being lived out; for the hiring, care, and evaluation of the KICS Director; and to ensure fiduciary responsibility of KICS. The Board operates under a Policy Governance (Carver) Framework and is a self-perpetuating board. KICS has two owner agencies who appoint the Chairperson of the board along with ratify all other board members. The KICS board models servant leadership as they are volunteers who give generously of their time, prayer, and expertise.

Anthony Farr

Board Vice Chair

Juliet Mbabazi

Board Member

Janvier Faradja

Board Member

Simon Kibe

Board Secretary