Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited to have you join us here at KICS! We have provided the answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about having your student(s) join the KICS community. Through the answers, we hope to provide you with the clarity you need for a smooth application process. If you have any further questions about applying or want to discuss any aspect of the process, please be in touch with the Registrar and Admissions Office: registrar@kicsrw.org. Or, if you prefer, please submit an online inquiry form and let us know how we can best help you. Thank you for your interest in KICS!

KICS 2023-24 Tuition & Fees Schedule

Pre-K Tuition (Half Day/Full Day) $5,000/$6,500

Kindergarten Tuition $12,791

Elementary Tuition (Grades 1-5) $17,279

Middle School Tuition (Grades 6-8) $18,401

High School Tuition (Grades 9-12) $20,645

Annual Capital Development Fee (maximum $1800 per family annually) $900

New Family Enrollment Fee (one-time fee/family – for new families only) $1,500

Application Fees (per student/new students only) $300

Re-Enrollment Deposit due February 10th 2023 (per student/year) Non-refundable deposit which is applied to tuition for 2023-2024 academic year)$250

Payment Options
1. Full Pay: Full payment is due on or before July 15, 2023
2. Installments: Tuition installments should be paid as follows:
10% tuition due on May 15th, 2023
40% tuition due on July 15, 2023
Balance of tuition due on December 1, 2023
Note: Families receiving the educational grants from their company may request at the KICS finance office,
a payment schedule that aligns with their company.

Payment Method: Please pay all tuition and fees to the following bank account, inclusive of student names
on the bank slip:
Access Bank
US Dollar Account# 1002190200766101
Swift/Routing Code: BKORRWRW
Please note that when sending a money wire to add a $30 admin fee to the total amount of the funds wired.

KICS operates on a need-based financial aid tuition structure. If you wish to be considered for financial aid, you may apply for financial aid during the online application process. If approved, you will receive a financial aid award letter along with your final acceptance letter.

We evaluate each applicant holistically, considering previous school records, last grade level completed, previous school system , age, admission test results, overall personal dynamic, and work ethic.

In respect to a student’s English proficiency level, KICS uses the WIDA assessment tool to determine if a child’s level of English learning can be supported through our ELL program.  However, the determination of their acceptance will made based on their school year and proficiency level. A higher proficiency level is needed for secondary than primary. 

Yes! KICS is well prepared to admit and serve students coming halfway through the year due to relocation to Kigali. For high school, you must be admitted within the first three weeks of each semester. 

If a student meets the admissions criteria but their particular grade is full, that student will be placed on the waitlist for the remainder of that academic year. Should a place become available in that grade during the academic year, you will be contacted and given an option to enroll. If the place does not become available during that academic year you are welcome to re-apply for the future academic year.

Students who are 3 years old by October 1st of each academic year are eligible to apply for the Pre-K class. Students who are 5 years old by October 1st of each academic year are eligible to apply for the Kindergarten class. Please note that KICS strictly adheres to these age cut-offs and does not consider any exceptions.

Enrollment in grades 10-12 depend on if the student can meet the general admissions criteria along with the ability to meet all graduation requirements before they turn twenty years old.  It is best for students to enter in grade 9.

KICS is a U.S. accredited school following the U.S. adopted standards for core subjects (Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Social Studies Standards, PreAP, and AP).  These standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit-bearing introductory courses in two and four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

KICS welcomes students and families from any religious or faith background. In fact, our student body is made up of families from all religious backgrounds. KICS is a spiritual greenhouse where students can learn and discover who they are in a safe, respective school environment. However, your student will still be expected to take Bible classes and attend chapel. 

Entry testing is required for admissions at KICS. All applicants applying for Grade K-12 will be given a computerized test (multiple choice) in the areas of reading and math. WIDA English proficiency screener will also be required.  The testing takes approximately 1 hour for students applying for Grade K-5 and 1 ½ hours for students applying for Grade 6-12.

After completing the application process, the KICS Admissions Committee will meet to discuss your application files. You will receive an official determination letter by email and if admitted, instructions on how to enroll.

KICS starts at Pre-K and goes through 12th grade. Pre-K students must be 3 years old by October 1st of each academic year in order to qualify for admission.

Our after school activities cater to the strengths and talents of our teachers. Some of these have included soccer, reading club, basketball, photography club, and art club. If a student is passionate about initiating a club on campus they can partner with staff to create one. 

KICS does not have a school uniform requirement. KICS T-shirts are available for purchase and are recommended for use during PE classes and school spirit days.

KICS does not offer school transportation.

A regular school day at KICS is from 8:30 am. – 3:30 pm.

KICS has a PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) which you are welcome to join! The role of the PTO at KICS is to support school events, organize PTO events, welcome new families, collaborate with student council, and become class sponsors.

KICS does not have a boarding option.

KICS primary students (KG-5th) study Kinyarwanda and French as a foreign language. Kinyarwanda is taught once per week and French is taught for 30 minutes three times per week.

KICS middle school students (6th-8th grade) are required to study French as a foreign language every year.

KICS high school students (9th-12th grade) are required to study a foreign language for 2 consecutive years. We currently offer French as a course but also allow students to study Spanish or Mandarin online at an aditional cost to the family.

KICS is very intentional about preparing our students for university and beyond. All of our graduates have been accepted into various universities around the globe. We have a college and career guidance counselor that teaches and prepares students for their options after KICS. In a well rounded approach, we work to support your student to grow into a candidate that a university or employer would be excited to admit or hire. We do this by focusing on developing skills and habits necessary to be successful in post secondary work.

In addition, we have students to take the PSAT starting from 8th grade and encourage them to take the SAT test. We offer various AP courses which give the student a chance to receive college credit while in high school.